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Why You Need A Dentist When You Are Pregnant?

Epping Dental Care
Epping Dental Care

It is found that pregnant women are at risk of developing problems with their gums hence our dentist at Epping Dental Care recommends a check-up. It is known that pregnant women often have sensitive gums and it may lead to bleeding. Most of them do not go to their dentist because they are scared to visit them or they are facing a problem of nausea. Hence it is important to take preventive measures rather than tolerating gum problems.

Bear in mind a few points that will help you in looking after oral care while pregnant

  • The dentists at Epping Dental Care recommend pregnant women to get the cleaning done thrice.

  • In case the expecting mother is in need of dental procedures, it should be done in the late second trimester so that the hormones are comparatively stable.

  • If pregnant women require elective care then she should wait until the baby is delivered so to avoid any potential risks.

  • It is advisable to maintain a high level of oral hygiene because bacteria from the mother’s mouth can travel down to placenta through the bloodstream.

Things to notice when pregnant

  • Pregnancy leads to hormonal changes in a women’s body and that can lead to sensitive gums, bleed and sensitive to bacteria.

  • See your dentist if you experience some pain when eating and chewing.

  • Bad breathe even after brushing teeth.

  • There could be a problem with teeth and enamel if women are having nausea and vomiting.

The kind of diet that we consume these days contains a lot of sugar, flavours and added colours. These are responsible for giving oral problems to anyone quite early. At Epping Dental Care we recommend women to go for an entire dental check-up before she is planning for a pregnancy. Many women neglect the importance of oral hygiene but believe that it is a lot important.

During pregnancy, do schedule an appointment in the first trimester for a routine check-up. As mentioned above there are certain procedures that cannot be done during pregnancy. Hence make sure that you look after your oral health right from the beginning so that later on you don’t have to undergo any emergency process later.

You can visit us and get a check-up done by our knowledgeable dentist. A healthy mom will eventually lead to delivering a healthy baby. Add more health benefits to your baby and yourself.

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