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Why Not Make Early Dentistry Experience Pleasant

We all know the joy you may have experienced when you saw your child’s first tooth emerging out. Gradually from one to many other grown and makes your child’s smile look even more beautiful. It is so much important to have the basic teeth foundation so strong that later on children grows up to worry-free oral hygiene. Hence introduce your child to Children’s Dentist at Epping particularly at Epping Dental Care for having calm experience. It is easy to have your child meet the dentist to having an awesome experience later in life.

At Epping Dental Care we just make your child sit on a dental chair and give them some basic information about their teeth. An informal discussion done by our pleasing dentist will help in getting rid of the fear that your child might be carrying. Children are very emotional and sensitive therefore it is very important to bond with them before we carry our any dental procedure. There is no doubt that in case of need a prompt dental procedure is aptly needed but we also don’t want the child to panic.

The children’s dentistry at Epping makes it easy for children to understand the importance of oral care and hygiene. The dentists at Epping Dental Care makes children understand through informative session and demonstration about the importance of brushing teeth correctly.

Here is what we do for children dentistry at Epping Dental Care for children between the ages 1 to 5:

  • Routine check and cleaning

  • Fluoride treatment

  • Filling in case of cavities

  • Simple extraction if needed

Do not forget that children’s teeth also known as primary teeth are as important as adult’s permanent teeth because this is from where the foundation can get stronger for the other set of teeth to be welcomed. Visit your child’s dentist as often as six months to ensure proper oral hygiene. Learn how to brush right from the time you see your baby’s first tooth and which toothpaste to be used to get better results. In case of any complaints that your child has or if you see any signs that are troubling your baby then rush your child to your dentist.

At Epping Dental care your experience for children’s dentistry will be certainly incomparable because you will see your child getting friendly with his/her dentist and putting trust in them which is very important.

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