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Whiten and Brighten Up Your Smile

teeth whitening epping

Some of our food habits can cause our teeth to get stained that are stubborn enough not to get away just by brushing it. Hence we at Epping Dental Care offer teeth whitening service because we know that white smile can make you feel confident. To know more about this, let’s get to know about some of the procedures for teeth whitening.

  • Bleaching is one of the most common ways to have teeth whitening done. It contains chemical peroxide in lower concentration that will effectively and deeply remove stains from teeth. The other way of whitening includes activated charcoal results in effective and instant whitening. Though after a year or more, stains may begin to reappear.

  • The easiest bleaching procedure includes wearing a mouthpiece when you are at home for several hours or overnight that will typically remove stains present on teeth. Whenever you happen to notice new stains, simply wear a mouthpiece and get rid of those irritating stains off your teeth.

  • There are several over the counter products such as whitening gel, whitening strip etc., available that are cost-effective and they can be used as per your dentist recommendation. In case of any doubts, you can approach our dentists at Epping Dental Care and get the information.

  • A non-bleaching method will make use of a whitening toothpaste that contains some chemicals that will help in removing stains from the teeth. Well, one must not forget that the whitening toothpaste will react differently to each individual hence the result in each case may vary.

Our dentists at Epping Dental Care have some tips for you to avoid getting stained teeth. After finishing the meal or having drinks or juices, one must gargle thoroughly with water. This process will eventually reduce the formation of stains on teeth. Smoking is another reason why one may have stained teeth. We urge people to quit smoking as it will not only give better teeth but better health too. Do visit your dentist on a regular basis. Whitening treatment is available at Epping Dental Care with qualitative measures so you will not have to worry about having the wonderfully white looking smile back.

Having done teeth whitening treatment at Epping Dental care under-skilled dentist can be your wise decision. Have your shining and brightening teeth back under our knowledgeable dentists.

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