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What Is Restorative Dentistry And What Are The Ways Of Dental Restoration

Restoration Dentistry involves filling the gap in a physical and aesthetic way by doing veneers, crowns, filling in the teeth, providing dentures, bridges and other dental implants. It does make a person feel confident about his/her look. Though many of the dentists may not be comfortable with the procedure our team at Epping Dental Care is skilled enough to look after it.

If a tooth is lost due to any kind of mishap, is it important to replace the missing tooth? We certainly feel the need to do so and for that, we undergo procedures like dental implants, bridges, partial dentures may help restore the misplaced tooth. It will also help in preventing cavities and will reduce the stress that you may feel when you smile.

Tooth restoration requires your physical ability along with the provision of the budget for the treatment. One must discuss these factors before undergoing the restorative procedure. Most dentists will try not to remove your tooth unless it is a necessity. But sometimes it demands to get the original tooth removed and get a replaced one so that you may not suffer any complications later.

Depending upon the type of restoration you require, our team will suggest to you what kind of procedure you must opt for from these two.

Direct method: it requires a single visit to a dentist where a filling is placed in a prepared tooth cavity immediately. The type of filling used will be decided upon the location where it is to be placed. Basically, the aim is to make

Indirect: It will require you to visit frequent visit to dental care until the process is complete. It is because the inlays or the onlays need to be made in the laboratory with the help of varieties of material that goes into making. This method involves customisation of the affected tooth by making replacement with crown, inlays or onlays to give your back your wonderful smile. It will actually give you the same shade of your teeth if porcelain is used. Some also prefer to use metals like gold or silver if the restoration is made in the internal parts.

The dental procedures may cost a bit more but then it is totally worth as it helps you flaunt your natural smile with confidence. Our team at Epping Dental care are skilled and they will do all that is needful.

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