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Let’s Get To Know About Dentures

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With some people it happens that due to some reason they have permanent teeth loss and to overcome the loss artificially, there are dentures. Dentures are the ones that can be put in place of missing teeth so that it looks good to you. In the beginning, it is difficult to get adjusted to dentures because they are not your natural teeth but they are placed where your natural teeth used to be. But gradually people will get adjusted to it.

One can have full dentures or partial dentures as per the need of the patient and that can be got checked at your dentists. The upper dentures have a base just like the flesh of your mouth and can fit on to the upper palate in your mouth while the lower one looks like a horseshoe and it can be placed on your lower gums so that the tongue can be adjusted. You can make your way in at Epping Dental Care and get your custom sized dentures made with our skilled technicians and as per the dentist’s advice.

There are three types of dentures:

  1. Conventional full denture: It can be placed only after all of the teeth are removed and gums tissues have healed. One will have to wait till the healing occurs be without teeth for that period of time

  2. Immediate full dentures: It can be placed immediately after teeth are removed. The alignment and measurement of the teeth are taken prior to teeth removal.

  3. Partial dentures: Partial dentures have the support of the metal framework that will rest on natural teeth and serve as an anchor to the dentures.

Dentures are not easy to have in your mouth obviously because they are not your natural teeth. Hence one may face problem in speaking, eating, drinking and it may feel like your tongue is not placed properly in the mouth. One may take around a month or more to get adjusted to dentures.

With the passing time, your facial muscle will change and that will lead to rebasing of the dentures. You may also have the need to reline them after a certain period of time. If the dentures are fitting properly then again there is a problem in chewing and eating your food. At Epping Dental Care we advise our patients to have a check-up done as soon as the problem is faced rather than waiting for long.

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