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Know The Symptoms, Cause And Treatment For Tooth Decay And Cavities

Tooth Decay And Cavities
Tooth Decay And Cavities

Children, adult, teenagers and everyone are fond of sweets but the sugar present in sweets is an enemy to your teeth. The breaking down of sugar and the release of acid leads to weakening of enamel present on teeth. This is what we commonly call it as tooth decay. It is a very common problem these days because most of the generations of people are inclined toward eating food such as chocolates, cold drinks and other kinds of sweets.

When tooth decay gets prolonged and remains untreated then it results in cavity formation on or in the teeth. Enamel is a hard and protective layer over the teeth but due to unhealthy consumption of food items, the enamel weakens and results in cavity formation.

The reasons behind the formation of cavity and tooth decay are explained here by the dentists from Epping Dental Care.

  • Consumption of food containing carbohydrates may get trapped in between the teeth and if it remains for a longer time due to improper brushing then it results in tooth decay.

  • The acidic by-products if formed by the plaque bacteria that weakens the enamel slowly and that results in the formation of small holes.

  • Over time, if these holes remain untreated then it will result in the formation of cavities.

  • The dentists at Epping Dental Care believe that the main reason for tooth decay and cavity formation is due to the consumption of sugary food items.

  • The plaque and sugar combine to form the release of acid that will result in weakening of enamel and formation of tooth decay or cavity formation.

  • It is observed that each time sugary food is consumed, the acid attack on enamel continues for around 20 minutes making your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavity formation.

Common cause: Specific food items such as sugary products, starchy items, milk, honey, candies, bread and several other foods are the cause of tooth decay. It is known that frequent snacking can also lead to tooth decay and cavity formation.

Symptoms: The tooth urns black and if the treatment is delayed then it gives pain.

Treatment: If the treatment is done in the beginning then filling the cavity is enough to prevent tooth decay. A crown can be placed on top of the decayed teeth after treatment to prevent further decaying. If you think you are facing such problems, you may contact Dr Neil Dentist at Epping Dental Care on appointment.

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