• Harshal Shah

How Often Do You Need To Go To The Dentist?

A most common question asked by most of the people is about the frequency to visit the dentist. Dental problems are getting common these days. Though it is upon individual dental health that one will need a visit to dentists or not. At Epping Dental Care, our team of dentists has tried giving some relevant answers to the questions frequently asked.

How frequently one should visit for a dental check-up?

Our team of the dentist at Epping Dental Care says that there is no specific duration for a dental check-up. Though, it is recommended to have it done every 6 months. Finally, it all depends on one’s personal dental hygiene and care.

Is there any evidence regarding time period for a checkup?

Well, there is no evidence regarding the recommended period of 6 months. It is advisable to do so. Any dental problem that may start or if already there then it can be sorted easily if a person makes a regular visit to a dentist.

Is regular check-up important?

Our team at Epping Dental Care says a YES to this question. If there is decay or a cavity, then the person will not come to know immediately. It is only after the person gets pain, and sees the dentist; he/she will come to know about it. Hence it is advisable to see the dentist regularly so that any bigger consequences can be avoided.

How about children’s visit to a dentist?

Children nowadays consume a lot of chocolates and candies. This makes them prone to having dental problems. At Epping Dental Care, we recommend that even children need a regular check-up. We believe that if children get used to dental check-up then they will face less dental problems when they grow. Comparatively, they will have healthy teeth and gums.

Is regular dental check-up along with X-ray harmful?

X-ray is mostly done when the severity of pain is intense and the problem with the teeth is not visible with the naked eye. A dentist will need to figure out the problems between your teeth and gums or in roots. Hence it is at that time x-ray is needed. Though the radiation dose is low still the dentist doesn’t do it that often or unless it is required.

In a nutshell, do visit your dentist at a recommended time period of 6 months. Healthy teeth are the reason behind a happy smile.

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