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DIY tricks to brighten up your teeth at home

Everyone on this planet wants to have sparkling white teeth and why not? Basically white teeth add up to your confidence when you smile or you talk to someone. It becomes so easy to flaunt your white teeth to someone if you own them. Thus we are here at Epping Dental care to provide with some of the influential tips to ensure that they remain bright and white at home too. Let’s focus on what should be done at your end to ensure that your teeth shine brighter than ever.

  • Make use of whitening toothpaste: Well, with time it is possible that our teeth will fall one or two shades darker than now so we may need whitening or cleaning done at the dental clinic. Visiting clinic every time may not be possible hence we recommend the use of whitening toothpaste so that its ingredients can eradicate any unwanted stains on the teeth and they can be brightened up.

  • Add crunchiness to your bowl: It is not possible to have whitening toothpaste everywhere you travel. It is believed and it is true that crunchy vegetable is a teeth saviour. Most crunchy vegetables like celery, apples, carrots etc., are a crunch to eat and they can help remove abrasions on teeth and discolouration of teeth can be prevented.

  • Enamel protection: A naturally occurring hard substance found on your teeth as a layer is enamel and it is important to protect it because a weaker one is a sign of unhealthy teeth. Once it weakens or if it is destroyed due to some reason then it cannot be restored. In order to protect enamel and keep it healthy, one must make use of fluoride-containing toothpaste because fluoride helps in strengthening of Enamel and protect against the discolouration of teeth due to consumption of acidic food.

  • Consume Dairy products: Dairy products like paneer, cheese and other milk products contain calcium and that is thought to be boon for your teeth. Hence add those to your diet so that calcium can be derived from them which in turn will strengthen your teeth and bones.

Our team at Epping Dental Care is always ready to help you or sort out any of your queries related to oral care. Do get in touch with us in case of any doubts and keep flaunting your beautiful smile with confidence.

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