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Diabetes and Oral Health: Things to Know

Diabetes and Oral Health
Diabetes and Oral Health

Epping Dental care makes an important announcement to all the people in the community to see that diabetes comes with many other health problems. Our aim to put this article here was to make people aware of how diabetes can affect your oral health. Preventive measures are very important to seek when you are diabetic. Most of the people in the world today are diabetic due to food habits and lifestyle. Hence it is important to keep a check on blood sugar levels.

Let’s get to know some of the dental problems that a diabetic person is prone to.

  • Gum Disease: A diabetic person may suffer from gum problems due to bacterial colonization. The gums will swell up, redden or bleed if the problem continues. Bleeding gums are very painful and it can keep you focused on it all the time. Besides taking dental treatment, it is important to keep a check on blood sugar level. You must visit your dentist if the problem continues.

  • Tooth Decay: Consumptions of sugary food and other types of drinks will break down enamel present on the teeth. The bacterial degrade the enamel layer and weaken it completely. Diabetic people have sugar present in their saliva and they don’t produce adequate saliva in their mouth causing dry environment. This is one of the ideal atmospheres for the bacteria to multiply and survive. You can see your dentist about this. You can make use of fluoride toothpaste and floss your teeth regularly to remove plaque.

  • Oral Infection: Oral thrush is common in diabetics because they have sugary saliva and usually they have dry mouth condition. This is the ideal environment for bacterial growth. To avoid this, see to it that your blood glucose level is in check.

There are some normal ways by which you can improve upon your oral health.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste

  • Floss your teeth regularly

  • Avoid sugar food and drinks

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Make regular appointments with your dentist.

At Epping Dental Care, we suggest not only diabetics but all the people to make regular dental appointments. Oral hygiene should not be ignored. They should be dealt with it correctly and on time. Diabetes is your medical condition; hence when you visit your dentist, you must mention it to them.

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