• Harshal Shah

Dental Implant: Stop Shying Away

There is discomfort and lack of confidence when it comes to smiling with a gap in between the teeth. There can be an incidence of a rotten tooth or any accidental injuries that may have lead to such mishap. But our dentists at Epping Dental Care are in favour of having dental implant done to replace the tooth or teeth that are broken or lost due to any reason.

Dental implant is used to support fake teeth that have a titanium screw fixed in a jawline to fix your false tooth. The screw acts as a root for the tooth and stands in its place correctly to fill the gap. The process of dental implant is to give people a false tooth so that their confidence stays up. It will not affect the surrounding teeth and the false teeth will too look like your natural teeth.

Once the implant is done, you’re caring for your teeth do not stop. You need to visit your dentist to have regular check-ups done for the implant and also the remaining set of teeth. It is true that dental implants last longer but then how much longer will depend upon how much you care for your oral hygiene. All the dentists at Epping Dental Care are skilled and possess knowledge when it comes to dental implants procedure to be done.

Do you know that your fake teeth can also come up with a coating on it if it is not looked after well? Hence one must ensure that if the care is not taken then some unforeseen damage occur with a dental implant and nearby.

We would like to mention that not all can undergo dental implants. There are some tests recommended by the dentists to find out if the procedure can be carried out or not. The presence of bone mass is needed so that an implant can be inserted. If all the tests go well then you are ready to undergo dental implant with the help of local anesthesia. Once the procedure is done, you may be given pain killers to relieve the pain caused by dental implants.

A team of dentists at Epping Dental Care are trained to do oral dental implants so that no one will have to shy away from their own beautiful smile.

Do smile with complete confidences and lead your life with a smile.

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